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Watch Nickola Shreli Movies Online

Shreli was born in Detroit, MI. The son of Albanian immigrants who came to the area for work in the booming auto industry. Although a less then average student, he did flourish in Eisenhower High School's theater program.Shreli went on to work as a landlord & property appraiser by day and promoter by night. He followed his passion for acting by joining 2nd City Theater and Detroit Ensemble Theater. Shreli worked on smaller projects in Detroit's underground Indy scene, as well did production on larger projects such as "8mile" that came to town.In 2007, Shreli appeared in an episode of "Law & Order" Criminal Intent. Soon after, he produced his own content in 2009 with "Familiar Foreigners", a short film written, directed & starring himself as an illegal immigrant who sneaks into Detroit.In 2010, Through his taped audition for Abduction, John Singleton cast him as a lead villain in the role of "Alec." The action-thriller, (co-starring Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins, Jason Isaacs, Maria Bello, Alfred Molina and Sigourney Weaver) was released by Lionsgate in the fall of 2011. Soon after, Director Scotty Spiegel, who was casting for HOSTEL 3, saw "Familiar Foreigners," and brought Shreli in. Upon meeting with Spiegel, Nickola stayed in character and spoke with an authentic eastern European accent. He was then offered the role of Viktor, an unsung hero in the third installment of the widely followed Horror franchise. Shreli went on to do MAFIA, co-starring and produced by his friend Ving Rhames.Shreli has been developing a project he wrote loosely based on his days as a inner city slumlord in Detroit entitled, "LandLord".
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